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All tablet users can tell you that they like the ease and convenience of their devices. However, if your touchscreen won’t respond to your swipes or taps, your tablet is more problematic than beneficial.

At LaptopRepairs.com, we understand how much you rely on your iPad, Kindle, or Samsung Galaxy. If you’ve tried all the usual—or unusual—tricks to get your tablet back on track, but nothing works, visit us instead.

Regardless of your tablet’s issues, our technicians can quickly spot the problem and find the right replacement part from our wide, in-house inventory. We repair any brand, from iPad and Kindle to Samsung and you won’t find a faster turnaround rate.

Our certified technicians use only factory-approved parts, and thousands of laptop and tablet owners trust us for our quick results. We also warranty every service, and even pick up your device if you’re unable to stop by our shop.

Sometimes tablet repairs are simple and straightforward. Sometimes they require extra troubleshooting. Here are a few examples of common problems we see:

  • Tablet won’t produce sound
  • Tablet refuses to power on
  • Tablet battery drains too quickly
  • Tablet screen is unresponsive to touches and swipes
  • Tablet isn’t recognized by laptop
  • Tablet Wi-Fi won’t work

Luckily, most of these problems are easy to repair. In some cases, we optimize your system so the battery doesn’t have to work so hard, or we install a new driver to optimize performance. However, even if your tablet has a more serious problem, we will resolve it efficiently and at minimum inconvenience to you.

Don’t put up with the frustration of a broken tablet. Call us today for a free estimate at 702.699.5657!

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