Find Answers to Your Questions in Our Computer Repair FAQ

Do I need to send in my AC adapter?
Yes, it is better to send the adapter with the computer so that we can check the voltage and current to better assess the issue at hand.

Can I just send the motherboard?
No, we need the complete laptop. We will not accept motherboards by themselves.

May I keep my hard drive?
It is optional. We would recommend sending the complete laptop so we can fully test the laptop. Sometimes the software (on the hard drive) can cause issues with laptops. We understand data is confidential and valuable to you, and we guarantee confidentiality.

What if you can’t fix my computer?
Some computers have damage to the circuit board, which may be beyond repair. In this case, we will send the computer back to you at no extra charge, or we will offer to buy it from you.

How long does it take?
The turnaround time is approx. 7-9 days.

Do parts cost extra?
Yes, parts are separate.

Are there any refunds?
Ads are non-refundable.

I am a local. Can I drop it off/pick it up?
Yes. Any ads must be mentioned prior to service.

Please direct any other questions or concerns via email or phone.

Thank you for choosing our service.

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