6 Ways to Keep Your Laptop in Top Shape

A laptop is a great device to own in today’s technologically advanced and fast-paced world. You need a reliable, lightweight, and portable computer to fulfill your academic, professional, and recreational needs. Your laptop must also function properly on a consistent basis.

You understand the stress and frustration that comes from uncooperative technology. If your laptop breaks, the problem can completely ruin your daily or even weekly schedule. Luckily, you can take preventative measures to avoid irritating laptop drama in your home or office.

When it comes to taking care of your laptop, consider these six tips.

  1. Keep It Clean

It seems like a no-brainer to clean your laptop, but you can easily forget when you have a busy schedule. The most important areas to keep clean include the screen, keyboard, and ports.

You’ll need to do all you can to keep dust particles from settling underneath the keys or inside of the ports. Blow gently over these areas to prevent dust buildup. Wipe the screen’s surface with a damp cloth to keep smudges and dust away. Wash your hands before typing and periodically use a wet wipe to keep dirt and grunge off of the individual keys.

  1. Keep It Cool

Besides continuous cleaning and dusting, your laptop will need a cool place to operate effectively. Laptops heat up quite a bit when users spend hours at a time on the Internet or other programs. To avoid an overheating problem, use your laptop in a well-ventilated area.

Keep your device on a table or desk away from heat sources and sunlit windows. Make sure nothing sits in the cooling fans’ way on the bottom or sides of the computer. Remember to avoid introducing your laptop to rapid or constant temperature change as well, as doing so may damage the metal circuitry.

  1. Be Careful with Food and Drinks

A midnight study session or a relaxing Netflix marathon just wouldn’t feel complete without food. While it’s totally ok to eat or drink while using your laptop, take care not to spill or make messes.

Keep your food or drink away from the computer. The last thing you want is a can of Dr. Pepper to infiltrate the insides of your MacBook Pro. Don’t eat directly over the laptop, as crumbs love to find their way underneath the keys. Again, keep your hands as clean as possible so that your mouse pad or keyboard will stay safe from sticky fingers.

  1. Carry and Transport Your Laptop Wisely

No matter how durable your laptop feels, it can still sustain different forms of damage. While you take advantage of its portability, make sure to hold it properly-lift and carry the laptop by the base, not the display. This strategy will protect the screen and the hinges between the base and display.

When you need to travel with your laptop, keep it in a fitting protective sleeve or bag. A sleeve will protect your laptop from scratches, especially as you walk, drive, or fly to your destination. And never transport your laptop while it’s turned on-instead, turn it completely off (or put it in sleep mode if you travel somewhere nearby).

  1. Beware of Viruses

Just as you need to protect your computer’s hardware, you need to safeguard the software as well. The moment you use the Internet is the moment that your laptop becomes susceptible to viruses and spyware. Stay away from free downloads from third parties.

You can avoid viruses by installing antivirus software like McAfee. Apple computers and other PC brands usually come with extended antiviral protection. Use Firefox or Google Chrome over Internet Explorer when browsing the Internet.

  1. Watch out for Power Cords

While your laptop can function for hours without external power, sooner or later, you’ll need to charge it. Be careful when plugging in the power cord to the outlet. Don’t place your device on the edge of a couch or table while it charges.

Watch where you walk. You don’t want to trip on the power cord, as you may get injured at the same time you damage your computer. And after the laptop is fully charged, avoid yanking out the power cord; rather, go to the outlet and pull it gently out.

Bonus Tip: Make a Note to Use These Tips Regularly

When you remember these tips and guidelines, laptop care won’t turn into a hassle. Whether you’ve just bought a new Dell Inspiron or you’ve used an HP Pavilion for a few years, you can always keep your laptop clean, healthy, and protected from internal and external harm.

Remember to implement these tips regularly to avoid as many future laptop-related issues as you can. If your device faces a serious problem, don’t hesitate to contact your local repair shop for professional diagnosis and repair.

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